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Building Lasting Relationships

July 23, 2015

Buying a new home and shopping for home insurance typically go hand in hand. We have compiled some tips to help you build customer relationships.

  • Remember, if a customer switches property insurance companies, their CEA policies do not follow.
  • Get to know your local realtors. They are the first to know when someone is buying a new home and they will often make an agent recommendation. Make sure they recommend you.
  • Don't forget earthquake insurance! Home buyers may not have a lot of disposable income after closing on a new home. You can help them protect their assets by offering a CEA Homeowners Choice policy.  They can choose to protect just their residence or they can add personal property coverage with a separate deductible that may provide belongings coverage in a moderate earthquake, even if their residence was not damaged.
  • Earthquake insurance from the CEA is more affordable than you might think. For less than the cost of a cup of coffee a day, your clients will have the strength to rebuild® after a damaging earthquake.

    Win-Win Account Reviews

    Offering earthquake coverage can protect your future, too​​​​​

    MoneyPlants_SalesTips_thumb.jpgAccording to the Insurance Journal (9/8/2014), agents who perform policy reviews have a higher than average number of policies per account.

    Who would you rather be when the next big earthquake hits?

    • Client A, who has an insurance agent that took the time to explain what a residential policy does, and does not, cover—to ensure there are no surprises when the worst happens;


    • Client B, who has an insurance agent that is rarely heard from, that just renews the residential policy without informing you of options available.

    Surveys have shown that the majority of current customers prefer to be contacted two or more times a year by their insurance company. And marketing research says that more customer "touches" increase loyalty and referrals.

    Account review tips

    Account reviews have many benefits, from building customer relationships to managing post-quake questions.

    Consider taking the following steps:

    • Offer an account review to every client.
    • Remind your clients that only 6 percent of Napa residents had earthquake insurance when the South Napa earthquake hit in 2014. FEMA loans weren't available for two months after the event, and could only be used to bring homes to a safe, sanitary and functional condition. Mortgage payments still must be paid if the home is damaged.
    • Whether the client purchases CEA earthquake insurance immediately or wants to wait, be sure and send them the free postage-paid direct mail, pre-printed with your agency name, from CEA's Agent Store.
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