Did you know? Every season is earthquake season in California. In honor of the Great ShakeOut, which occurs every third Thursday of October, let's make sure your clients are safe with these four preparedness tools:​

​1. Play Beat the Quake

​Have you played the Beat the Quake game? What are you waiting for? Play the game with your clients to show them some great ways to make their home safe during an earthquake.

2. Get the Red Cross Earthquake app

Make sure to download the American Red Cross Earthquake app to receive a notification right away after an earthquake occurs. The app lets you and your clients find help, while letting others know you're safe, even if the power is out. Pro-tip: Text "GETQUAKE" to 90999.

3. You need the Seven Steps to Earthquake Safety poster.

​Another great perk of you being an MVP participant: free posters and checklists. Since you're logged in to MVP right now, why not download or order the poster?​

4. CEA Get Prepared

Encourage your clients to drop by the CEA Get Prepared page to learn how to prepare emergency supplies for your pets, watch our Seven Steps to Earthquake Safety video, and much more.   ​