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Deductibles, Homeowners Choice and Retrofitting, OH MY!

November 02, 2016

Many policyholders are unaware of the new 2016 options. Have you discussed the recent policy changes with your customers to learn if there is a better policy suited for their needs and budget?


Ask customers who might want to make a change to their premium if they still have a standard 15 percent deductible.

  • Would they benefit more from a 5 percent—or a 25 percent—deductible?
  • Is their loss of use coverage still as low as $1,500, and do they know they could increase it to as much as $100,000?

Maybe changing their personal property limit would help them save some money, if it's lowered, or feel more covered, if it's raised—we now offer personal property coverage up to $200,000!


Some of your customers may need a policy review now—for example, Napa-area homeowners who may have had personal property damage in the 2014 South Napa quake, or SoCal clients who felt the swarm of quakes and worried through the earthquake advisory back in September of 2016!

Discuss the differences between standard Homeowners and Homeowners Choice, and make sure your clients have the coverage that best suits their needs.

  • Homeowners Choice allows policyholders to select a separate deductible for their personal property coverage, which makes a claim payment more likely in the event of a smaller quake that doesn't damage the property itself.

While you're working through the premium calculator with them, make sure they have enough coverage to rebuild their home.


Homeowners of older houses could be eligible for a premium discount up to 20 percent! Teach them about the importance of bracing and bolting an older house. Point them to the Earthquake Brace + Bolt website so they can see if their zip code will be eligible for a financial incentive to retrofit.

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