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Hazard Reduction Discount 101

July 13, 2016

Before helping your clients with their CEA Hazard Reduction Discount (HRD), it’s important to take a few minutes and ensure you have all the information needed to explain HRD and its benefit.

Here’s what you need to know:​

What is Seismic Retrofitting?

seismic retrofit modifies an existing building or house with structural improvements, making it more resistant to seismic activity.

Houses built before 1979—before residential seismic building codes were consistently enforced—may be more vulnerable to earthquake damage. Even a moderate earthquake can severely damage a pre-1979 house that has not been retrofitted to current building standards.

  • A seismic retrofit strengthens a house to make it more resistant to earthquake damage.
  • One way to seismically retrofit an older house is to bolt the house to its foundation and brace the walls around the crawl space with plywood.​

Does your client’s house need a seismic retrofit?

If your client’s house:

  • Has a wood frame
  • Was built before 1979
  • Is on a raised foundation (there’s a crawl space under the house)

…then your client may need a brace and bolt seismic retrofit to help keep their house from sliding off its foundation during an earthquake.​

Okay, I understand retrofitting – now what?

Let’s make sure your client gets the highest possible Hazard Reduction Discount for their house! Double-check the criteria below to make sure your client is applying for the correct discount:

HRD Retrofit chart

​Remind your clients that retrofitting provides safety and peace of mind, and CEA’s HRD is an additional benefit—a premium discount for putting in the effort of making their house stronger and less likely to be damaged by earthquake shaking! Want more info on how the HRD can benefit your clients? Learn more.

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