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Let CEA Help Get You Prepared

April 07, 2016

In the insurance business, your reputation as a community problem-solver can be invaluable, making a big difference in your business over time. Sharing valuable information on earthquake readiness gives you a reason to reach out to customers, and can boost sales and policy retention.

Look for opportunities to help your clients and potential clients prepare for the next earthquake, by helping them understand that their risk for earthquake damage is real. Most people are thankful to get advice on how to boost their earthquake readiness.

Many resources are available that you can share with your customers. Among the most popular:
• Seven Steps to Earthquake Safety
• Strengthen your home to help it resist earthquake damage
• Review Red Cross procedures for preparing for an earthquake 
• Review guidelines established by the California Office of Emergency Services (CalOES)

The immediate benefit of this approach is getting face time with clients and potential clients, and it is a natural lead-in for earthquake insurance. Now that they are prepared to survive an earthquake, they really should consider securing their financial recovery in the aftermath.

The long-term benefits are just as valuable. You will cement your position as a valuable member of the community who is committed to helping your friends and neighbors prepare for the future. Word-of-mouth will spread, and when insurance needs arise, your name will be at the top of the list.

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