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4 Reasons Why Retrofitting is Great for Your Clients

Seismically retrofitting a house results in many great perks. Here are four reasons why retrofitting is great for your clients.

July 11, 2016

FAQs for Condo and Renters

Here are answers to common questions you may get from clients about our Condo Unit Owners and Renters policies.

June 07, 2016

Great Ways to Sell Condo & Renters Policies

Condo unit owners and renters tend to ignore earthquake insurance due to common misconceptions: condo unit owners think their units are fully covered under their Homeowners Association (HOA), while renters think the landlord has to deal with the issue.

June 06, 2016

What do Condo and Renters Earthquake Policies Cover?

To better support you and your valued clients, we're offering essential tips on our condo and renters policies. We want to empower you with everything you'll need to assist your clients in picking the best coverage for their needs and budget.

June 03, 2016

​​​​How to Help Your Clients Recover

Earthquakes strike without warning and can cause widespread damage, even miles away from their epicenter. Your clients can take control of their earthquake recovery ​by purchasing a CEA earthquake policy.

May 09, 2016

Earthquake Recovery Starts with Disaster Preparedness

Help your clients prepare for a disaster by encouraging them to have a disaster recovery plan, and knowing all the steps involved from beginning to end.

May 09, 2016

Let's Discuss Earthquake Recovery!

The next damaging earthquake…the USGS predicts that it’s coming within the next 30 years, but no one knows exactly ​​when. At the CEA, we often talk about preparedness, how to mitigate potential damage, and the necessary precautions for earthquake safety, but our mission is more than that. We want to provide Californians the Strength to Rebuild® through appropriate earthquake coverage.

May 05, 2016

Training Videos

CEA Training Videos

April 18, 2016

Have You Ordered Preparedness Supplies?

Agent Store  items can help you and your client prepare for a damaging earthquake

April 08, 2016

Let CEA Help Get You Prepared

In the insurance business, your reputation as a community problem-solver can be invaluable, making a big difference in your business over time. Sharing valuable information on earthquake readiness gives you a reason to reach out to customers, and can boost sales and policy retention.

April 07, 2016

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